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Typical Charter Buses Terms and Slangs

7 Oct

When you go to a bus rental company to charter a bus for your trip, you may come across some terms and slangs that you may not have heard in your life before. Only the people who are into organizing trips would know about these typical informal words better. It is better for the people that they get familiar with these terms before they plan to fill up the form to charter buses.

Qty:                   The number of same type of buses the charter company possess.

Seats:                Available number of seats for your group.

BusType:         The type of bus. Normally, these companies offer eight different types of charter buses;

  1. Trolley,
  2. Van,
  3. Minibus,
  4. School Bus,
  5. Executive Coach/Day Coach/Limo Bus,
  6. Deluxe Motor Coach,
  7. Executive Coach/Day Coach/Limo Bus, and
  8. Double Decker.

Year:                     The year of manufacture of the vehicle. Normally, it is displayed with the model number of the bus.

OTR:                     It is the abbreviation of “Over The Road”. This tells if the bus going to travel long distances out of state and over night.

Rstrm:                  This tells if the vehicle has restroom on board or not.

VCR:                     In a full size Deluxe Motor Coach, there are normally five to six television screens with a VCR. It is not very common to have buses that have satellite connection in it.

DVD:                    In a full size Deluxe Motor Coach, there are normally five to six television screens with a DVD player. It is not very common to have buses that have satellite connection in it.

CD:                        This tells that the CD player is installed on the bus.

PA:                        This is the Public Addressing System. The purpose of PA is to make necessary announcements during trip.

ADA:                     This tells if the bus is supplied with the Wheelchair Elevator or not. This amenity is important when there is a handicap person, who uses wheel chair, in the group of travelers.

Alch:                     This tells if alcohol is permitted on the bus or not.

Trnsfr:                   Any pick up and drop off usually from an inn to a railways station or an airport nearly 15miles of travel (excluding 10% baksheesh)

5 Hrs:                    It is normally taken as 5 hours of local use, low miles (excluding 10% baksheesh). Most of these companies have at least 5 hour of use with the exception of transfers.

Day:                       This tells the day rates based on 10 hours of local use, low miles (excluding 10% baksheesh)

Mile:                       It’s the rate per mile of travel. Rates can either be quoted as per mile or per day, depending on the convenience.

Hours of use:       Local traveling is mostly charged on hours of use basis.

Gratuity:                It is the money given to the bus operator and is known as baksheesh. It is normally taken as 10%.

Sales Tax:              There isn’t any Sales Tax for leasing a bus in most of the States of America.

Over the Road Charters

Mileage:                 Distant tours and overnight are quoted on the basis of distance.

Day Rate:              It is the minimum charge per day if per mile charge is not more than the combined day rates.

Driver Change:      According to law, after every 10 hours of driving, or 15 hours of standby time, there must be a consecutive at least 10 hours rest. So, if there is a trip longer than 10 hours, the operator must be changed.

Local Travel:         It is the local distance allowed per day once the bus reaches the terminus.

Driver Hotel:         Normally, the customer pays for the lodging expenses of the driver.